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At we care about and respect the privacy of our users. When you access this website we’ll learn certain information about you, and we are committed to keeping all information private. This Privacy Policy sets out the terms for how the site and/or the owners collects information from users and how that information is used. However our policy doesn’t relate to how any third-party websites that may be linked from our pages will use the user information.

If you as the user have any questions relating to the policy you may contact the site. Details of how to contact the site can be found on the following page.

Collecting Information

We may log Personal Information when You visit the site, including IP address, pages viewed, time of access, date of access, Your search and Site navigation preferences, and clicking habits.

We may also track certain aggregate information that cannot be personally traced to any individual, such as the number of Site visitors, the number of visitors to each page, and the browser used by the visitors. We may analyze this data for trends and statistics, but such information will only be used and disclosed in aggregate form; it will not contain any Personal Information.

We may use Personal Information and Aggregate Information to improve visitors’ experience on the Site. We may also analyze Personal Information and Aggregate Information to learn more about how visitors access the site, and customize advertisements and other content. We may also use Personal Information and Aggregate Information to test changes to the Site and make improvements to Site functionality. View the terms page for more data about the site.

Information Sharing will take all reasonable steps to ensure your personal information when supplied to us is safe but we will not be held liable for matters beyond our control such as but not limited to unauthorised access of our computer system, including unauthorised access of our servers, unauthorised staff disclosure from current and previous staff members, malware, viruses or any other computer issues.

We do not accept any liability for unauthorised or unlawful access to your personal information. We may use cookies or use 3rd party services which may use cookies such as but not limited to Google and any other provider we may consider using. We shall not be liable for any damage or perceived damage that these files may cause, no matter what the circumstances.

We shall if requested and the information is available to us, share any information such as but not limited to IP address used to access our site if requested by any law enforcement officers or a court of law or to protect ourselves from fraud or malicious access to our servers. We also may give information to a third party if we suspect a law has been broken.

From time to time, We may amend this Policy. Before any such amendments are effective, will provide notice of the amendments prominently on the Site. By continuing to use the Site and/or Services after such amendments are effective, You agree to abide by the amended Policy. If You do not agree to be bound by the amended Policy, You must cease using the Site immediately.

Broadcast Email Providers

We may employ third party marketing providers to assist Us in contacting Our visitors by providing broadcast email services for Us. If You provide Us with Your email address and opt in to receive emails from Us, We may share your name and email address as necessary for such Broadcast Email Providers to provide that service.

Such Broadcast Email Providers are prohibited from using Your Personal Information for promotional purposes. Any emails You received from Us or on Our behalf shall have an opt-out or unsubscribe option clearly displayed allowing You to opt-out or unsubscribe from future emails or adjust email subscription settings from Us.

October 22nd, 2018 | William Cook
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